President Obama's recent statement that "people of all faiths are welcome in this country, and will not be treated differently by their government" is false. Not long ago Obama demanded that Georgetown University cover up the "IHS" monogram representing Jesus's name above the president's head during his speech at the Jesuit university. He is also on record as saying that Christian America is "no longer just a Christian Nation" despite the fact it was founded on Christian principles. Clearly he has an anti-Christian bias that will end up destroying America if the people continue to support him and his anti-life social policies that include abortion, homosexuality and embryonic stem cell research.
Despite appearances, Obama does not believe in religious tolerance. His support for a mosque at Ground Zero in New York under the banner of "equality" is merely a ruse to draw Americans more noticeably away from their Christian roots so that he can further his militant desire to remake America into a socialist nation – a nation where all religion is ultimately suppressed.
Chris Taylor,
Chatham Row,
Dublin 2