Michael Dwyer: post-mortem tomorrow

THE family of Michael Dwyer, the Tipperary man shot dead in Bolivia earlier this month, will await the outcome of tomorrow's post-mortem examination before finalising his funeral arrangements.

Dwyer's body was repatriated on Friday night and state pathologist Marie Cassidy will carry out a full examination tomorrow.

A spokesman for the family said that it is hoped that funeral arrangements can be made early this week. "We are hoping [there will be arrangements made by] Tuesday or Wednesday but we can't pre-empt anything until the post-mortem is complete," he said.

Meanwhile, speculation regarding Dwyer's death has continued to appear on various Irish websites with claims ranging from the unlikely to the outright ridiculous. They have included suggestions that he was a neo-Nazi, a Republican and speculation that he was a former member of the British security forces.

One online thread remarked that Dwyer's recent tribal-inspired tattoo was a representation of the notorious SS symbol.

Much of the fevered online debate related to his employment by a security firm working for Shell in the contentious Bellanaboy site in Co Mayo.

Another website suggested that Dwyer had been linked to the Israeli Defence Forces because he listed the violent combat system Krav Maga as a hobby. Dwyer's family declined to comment on any of the claims.

In a recent interview, the Bolivian president Evo Morales indicated that he would be happy for an international probe to take place despite his earlier comments to the contrary.

Bolivian officials have also told the Irish government that they could have full disclosure of documentation and records relating to the incident.

Gardaí may also become involved in the inquiry, specifically in relation to what Dwyer was doing in the South American country.