Barry Murphy as Vincent Browne on RTÉ's 'Après Match'

Apres Match depictions of Brian Lenihan and Joan Burton have TV3 presenter Vincent Browne in stitches, but he doesn't find the characterisations of himself on the World Cup satirical programme to be so funny.

"I didn't think the representation of me was funny or accurate," he admitted before adding, "but then I wouldn't, would I? Brian Lenihan and Joan Burton were very, very funny."

A recent Après Match, devised by comedians Barry Murphy, Risteard Cooper and Gary Cooke, showed Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan and Labour spokeswoman for finance Joan Burton in conversation with Browne, who turns 66 next week.

During the sketch, when asked to give his solution to the debt crisis, Lehihan quipped, "We are hoping the banks will just forget," while Browne's impersonator muttered angrily off camera.

The show has received rave reviews and sources involved in the production say it was known that the Browne impressions might cause some degree of controversy with the tetchy journalist.

"The lads were very aware of the fact they were slagging off someone who is not afraid to speak his mind. And they have been wondering what Vincent's reaction would be. There was a bit of worry, but there was no holding back. However, a lot of the time the sketches are just rattled out because of time constraints but that is definitely going to go down as one of the best."

"They got him to a tee, as well as Lenihan and Burton, and the reaction was well worth it."

The creators are also said to be extremely happy with online reviews of the latest edition of the show which has been a feature of the World Cup for over 10 years.

"The reaction has been great. They are trying to satirise people like Paul Williams as well, but making it relevant to football can be difficult sometimes," said the source.