IRISH Rail hasn't ruled out the possible relocation of tracks further inland after the recent viaduct collapse in Malahide raised concerns over sea-bed erosion.

Councillors in the Dún Laogh­aire-Rathdown area are now set to voice their worries to the minister for transport Noel Dempsey and Iarnród Éireann amid what they say are "growing public concerns" about tracks along the east coast.

According to Fianna Fáil councillor Cormac Devlin, tracks between Dalkey and Killiney, which are near cliff faces, are in immediate need of fresh assessment. "There is a lot of worry now about tracks in this area, and not just from the erosion perspective, but given the changing weather patterns we fear possible landslides and further weather-related damage. It is an area very vulnerable to erosion and I am not convinced there is enough action being taken on this."

Independent councillor Victor Boyhan has also raised the alarm about areas along the Dart line in his area at Seapoint, Wicklow.

"I have previously indicated my concern about the tracks at Seapoint. Locals in the area have complained to me about this and we are calling on Irish Rail to re-investigate the area immediately."

Speaking about Irish Rail's contingency plans put in place last week, spokesman Barry Kenny said: "Alternative arrangements have operated well. We've been able to adapt the services in response to demand, particularly with the return of schools, and we're confident we have a robust set of alternative arrangements in place."

He also said a close eye will be kept on the situation given the full return to school this week. Repairs on the collapsed line are still due to be completed in three months' time, and repairs are being carried out on a day-and-night basis, Kenny said.

"The repairs will be round the clock as far as is practical, though at certain stages safe work will only be possible at certain times of the tidal cycle."

Speaking in response to worries about other coastal railway lines, he said: "These are coastal defence areas, which we have invested in significantly in recent years, including in south Dublin and Wicklow. All sections of our network are inspected, and as I say, we have had multimillion-euro investment in exposed coastal sections of line."