Tha Maye family with their Bublé tickets

A father-of-three has criticised concert promoters MCD after his repeated complaints over issues at the recent Michael Bublé concert have been ignored.

Barry Maye, from Co Dublin, spent almost €500 bringing his three daughters and wife to the concert two weeks ago and has written to MCD management Caroline and Denis Desmond after his daughters were left distraught over the fact they could not hear the performance.

"I have sent two letters now to Caroline and Denis Desmond after receiving absolutely no response to my repeated complaints to MCD. I paid almost €500 on tickets for myself, my three daughters and my wife. We sacrificed a holiday or weekend away and we were left extremely disappointed."

Maye said his daughters – 13-year-old Louisa, Emma (10) and Katie (8) – are "the biggest fans" of the singer and were left upset after issues with the acoustics meant the family could not hear the set. "The girls are mad about him, they know every single one of his songs. To say they were extremely distressed is an understatement. We were well into the first verse of every song before we could hear anything at all. It was completely distorted. When he was speaking, we couldn't hear even a word. We could see people laughing at his jokes – we heard afterwards that he was quite entertaining but we had no idea about that."

He then attempted to resolve the issue with customer services within the stadium. "I went down to the customer service box and there was a huge number of people complaining. There was also security there to protect the girl in the box, who was getting a huge amount of grief from other people. After a while of waiting it became clear I was wasting my time."

Maye said his repeated emails and letters to MCD went unanswered and he was left infuriated by press statements from the company saying complaints were being dealt with. "I was furious when I read a statement from MCD saying there were only 150 complaints; just from what I've seen that figure is grossly understated. I was equally as annoyed when MCD said they had dealt with these complaints when I have been waiting two weeks."

Maye said he is looking for a response and a gesture of goodwill for the disappointment caused. "It would be only decent, given how let down my family are and how much money I spent out there."

MCD said it would contact Maye about his concerns.