The funeral has taken place of South Armagh man, Charlie Armstrong, who was abducted, murdered, and secretly buried by the IRA nearly 30 years ago.

The remains of Armstrong (57) were found in July in Co Monaghan.

Bishop Gerard Clifford told mourners: "Today is a day of relief; a day to close a chapter in the lives of the Armstrong family."

Armstrong was disappeared in 1981 on his way to mass at St Patrick's church in Crossmaglen.

His funeral service was held in the same church yesterday.

Bishop Clifford said it was "a day to welcome home one who was loved and respected in this community".

He added: "It would be an exaggeration to say that it is a day of joy. The loss of one's own is as deeply felt today as it was 29 years ago.

"It is still a day of mourning for one's loved one. It is a day to end the torment, the fear, the frustration and the anger."

Bishop Clifford said the finding of Armstrong's remains would give hope to other families of the disappeared whose bodies have still not been found.

"To anybody who might have a shred of information, I appeal to you to share that with those who will explore it to the full," he said.

Armstrong's daughter, Anna McShane, said: "All we ever wanted to do was give our father a Christian burial."