Attack of the bird-cherry ermine moth caterpillars!

A cemetery in Essex has been transformed into something out of a horror movie as thousands of bird-cherry ermine moth caterpillars have transformed many of the trees, plants, gravestones, benches and the ground itself into a giant nest. The moth caterpillars have woven silken threads around much of the graveyard, creating a pale ghostly effect over surrounding surfaces. The bugs, also known as 'web worms' weave leaves of trees together for food. "There were thousands upon thousands of caterpillars and a silk web all over the trees, which had no leaves left," one shocked visitor to the Southend Cemetery said.

Is that a frozen man stranded in the alps or is it a Gormley statue?

Mountain rescue teams in Austria have been put on alert and given the precise location of 100 iron and fibreglass lifelike human statues sculptor Antony Gormley is placing in remote spots across the Alps in case they confuse them with stranded climbers.

Wedding couple find themselves in pole position

A newly-married couple owe approximately €30,000 to a car company after crashing the €160,000 Ferrari they hired to drive themselves to their wedding in Treviso in northern Italy. They ploughed the supercar into a lamppost on the way to the church.

Who's a pretty fat bird then?

An obese kookaburra bird is being sent to fat camp in Australia after eating too many sausages from barbecues in Sydney parks.