Sun is shining bright for soccer fans in Kenyan slum

Hundreds of football fans in Kibera in Kenya, sub-Saharan Africa's largest slum settlement, will watch the World Cup final live on a big screen for the first time thanks to a solar technology created by the youths in collaboration with a Swiss non-profit group. Kibera's young football fans usually meet in their own San Siro 'stadium', a room made of iron sheets with a small TV and a few benches. For the World Cup, they've learned to harness the cheap, clean energy from the sun to power their big screen. "The idea is not only to show the World Cup, but to show what solar power is all about," says organiser Joshiah Ramogi.

Stalker employee caught after shooting himself

Restaurant worker Mauro Rito made the mistake of recording himself while secretly placing a video camera in a bathroom at work to pervertedly stalk his female boss. The illegal Mexican immigrant will spend eight months behind bars, after which he will be probably sent back home.

Man ignores the warning not to feed the crocodiles

This picture of a Sheedi devotee swinging his five-month-old son over the menacing crocodile to seek blessings from the sacred animal has spurred an outcry all over the world. The 'Crocodile Festival' is held each year in Karachi, Pakistan, to cele­brate and feed croco­diles in the area.

Oil spill a grave matter

A cemetery to remember all the things taken away by the oil spill created by activists near the leak in the Gulf of Mexico.