Tonight my comedy performance will be a mixture of brand spanking new material I've never done before and old favourites taken off the shelf and dusted down.

I love Brighton because it's becoming an increasingly exciting place since it became Brighton and Hove. It's a marvellous place for a bracing morning walk just before you go to bed.

If I wasn't talking to you right now I'd be sitting twiddling my thumbs waiting for them to film my next scene in the film I'm doing. It's a romantic comedy called Are You Ready for Love? I never realised that film-making involves so much sitting about. This is my fourth film.

I have two lines in the next Michelle Pfeiffer movie. In Are You Ready for Love? I'm a lead character and have loads of lines, but not as many as in Zemanovaload which is in Blockbusters now.

A phrase I use far too often is "I'm tired". It's generally the answer to a question. When my girlfriend asks me "How are you, " I say "I'm tired."

The most surprising thing to happen to me was being asked to star as Aladdin in the ITV Christmas panto in 2000. It was a laugh, but I hurt my legs. I had to jump over people and when I went to do it on stage I banged my legs. I had this weird bruising pattern; each day my feet looked like a new ink blot test.

The best age to be is 23. You're at your bestlooking and most interesting. You still have that naivete. When you hit your mid-20s you get jaded and when you're younger no one takes you seriously.

A common misperception about me is that I'm arrogant, but I'm not. I think self-aggrandising humour can be just as funny as self-deprecating humour.

In moments of weakness I turn on the Xbox. At the moment I'm playing Burnout Revenge; you get extra points for ramming other cars off the road.