A TV3 documentary featuring the final interview ever given by Gerry Ryan will air by spring 2011, despite key archive footage of the broadcaster being withheld by RTÉ.

It is understood the final touches are being added to the documentary, in which Ryan talks about grievances in his professional and personal life, including the break-up of his 26-year marriage to Morah Ryan.

However, necessary footage owned by RTÉ has not been obtained.

"This was his final interview in which he talked about a whole host of different things, and we needed various different bits of film such as him on the Late Late Show to complete the documentary so we could build around his interview. We are paying for it just like anyone else, we are absolutely within our rights, but we are still being refused what we need," said a spokeswoman.

"We will work around these issues like we always do, but it is frustrating because this is not an RTÉ versus TV3 issue. This is not about competition or about getting one up on a rival station.

"This is a documentary which is in the public interest. It is giving his listeners and his fans what they want to see, but we still are not being granted access to the material that we need."

RTÉ intends to broadcast a similar tribute show to the broadcaster on new year's eve which is also still in production.