Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to work with us and repay as much money as possible to the taxpayer. Your old mission is dead, long live the new one. Welcome to the new world, welcome to Nama. Light the fuse and roll the Mission: Impossible theme music. We are on our way.

It's funny what can change in the course of an hour. I entered Nama HQ on Monday as a private-sector, profit-driven, self-motivated property developer. You all know the sort, or at least you can imagine it and revile it if you like. The Nama mission is to transform me and these powers for the good of the state, and for the benefit of the taxpayer. It is a call to serve my country for the benefit of the public good. We are in an economic war, to steal a phrase from Warren Buffet, and I am to stand up and take my place on the line.

Before the meeting, I had never thought of our country's problems in this way. I viewed myself as an individual operating within a country, but not really being part of it. My generation did not have a war to rally around and bind us together. Well, we now have an economic war, and I can take my place on the frontline, shoulder-to-shoulder with my fellow citizens.

Our fate as a nation is now bound into the Nama project so we have to deliver it. We have to work together, possibly with people who we seem opposed to, to achieve the result that Ireland needs. We need to succeed with this debt workplan. We need Nama to succeed and developers are part of this solution. There is a seat for us at the table if we are willing to take it. The project needs us to put our shoulder to the wheel of the problem and move it forward. The battle lines need to be rubbed out, so we can find a place to meet in the middle.

Working together on common ground, we can achieve more. Nama is not the enemy, it is our partner in fighting the forces which threaten Ireland and its economic future.

The meeting itself was more about what was not said rather than what was said. We didn't argue and we didn't look to the past and trawl over it in a negative way. The past cannot be changed, so there is no profit in wallowing in it. I felt at one with Nama on a common mission – Ireland.

Like any good relationship, this one feels right and there seems to be a good fit. Laughter echoed through the halls from our meeting room. I doubt this has been normal at every first date with Nama for the various developers. Positivity breeds success and a positive start to the Nama process will greatly improve its chance of success.

What's done is done and all that counts now is what we do. Our actions from here on will determine how we are to be judged. Make no mistake, in the end we will be judged but I feel that humanity may prevail. Doing your duty now might give you an honourable discharge at the end of the project.

A common accusation against the Nama project is its cost. The professional fees and accountancy expenses seem large in the context of a nation fighting for its survival. The seemingly strange obsession with new valuations and fresh legal eyes for every project appears to be a waste. It is not.

Having been in the room with Nama, I can now understand the need for this. This is a clean, fresh start and everything must be viewed through this new prism. Old information is bad information and the project needs to start off on the right foot.

The banks have certainly lied to Nama and the state and I am sure a few developers have been less than truthful. Knowing this, Nama has got to go to source documentation for all information. Once these facts are fully established, the project can really begin to move forward.

This slow start-up phase is nearing completion, and I think that the action can now begin to take place. The money can begin to be repaid. Euro by euro, we can rebuild and grow.

If we can come together on the Nama project and achieve success with it, the future for Ireland is very bright. Our property crash is a challenge we must overcome, because there is no alternative. Delivering Nama is part of this mountain that we must climb together.

We have fought adversity in the past, and we have built our country from the ground up, taking our independence by force from Britain less than 100 years ago. This is just another challenge that we can overcome.

The challenge will lead to new opportunity and we must continue to move forward. I am on the Nama team and I accept my new mission. Anything is possible.