Ryan Tubridy

I cannot and will not condone cocaine and cocaine use, but equally, I cannot and will not abandon my friend who, like the rest of us, had flaws and bad habits

Ryan Tubridy stands by his friend Gerry Ryan, whose show he took over following Ryan's death from cocaine abuse, aged 53

The letter was a supervening event. I'm not using taxpayers' money to pay these bonuses

Finance Minister Brian Lenihan brushes up on the legal textbooks to find a reason to write to AIB and block bankers' bonuses by threatening to hold back the taxpayer billions which keep the bank afloat

I'll say that you were doing some course and that you're only back working with us a couple of weeks

Jennifer Sarsfield, who has been paid €1.7m by the HSE in elder care contracts, tells Prime Time undercover reporter, posing as unqualified assistant, how she'll hoodwink the family of an older person booking assistance from her company


Justice minister Dermot Ahern is emphatic he hasn't changed his view that Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness knew in advance of the Northern Bank robbery

I would say they should refrain from any sexual activities

Fifa boss Sepp Blatter's response to gay people's concerns about the 2022 World Cup being hosted by Qatar, where the government has a policy of jailing those caught having same-sex sex

I was mercilessly lampooned and I didn't call in to Liveline to complain because what they did was funny and I can laugh at myself

Fianna FÁil TD Willie O'Dea on Liveline, defending the Rubberbandits from critics who may need a refresher course in the word 'irony'