What would you do with a wombat?... Play Wom

No, it's not another mystery monster cooked up by an American tabloid in order to fill silly season column inches, but a young bald wombat called Shrek. Shrek lost most of his hair due to the stress of being orphaned, but is now recovering at a wildlife shelter in Healesville, Australia after he was rescued by vets.

Between love and jaguars lies... Obsesssion

Biologists tracking jaguars in Guatemala are using Calvin Klein's Obsession for Men fragrance to lure the big cats. The perfume was previously proven to attract cheetahs in an experiment in the Bronx Zoo, but this is the first time it has been used with success in the wild.

Galileo, galileo, and his corpso magnifico

A tooth, thumb and finger from Galileo have gone on display in Florence. The body parts were cut from the Italian scientist's corpse 95 years after his death in 1642 and found by an art collector accidentally last year.

Sabu packs his trunk and heads into town

Sabu, an escaped elephant who wandered around Zurich's commercial district for an hour before she was recaptured.