FOUR Dubliners have pioneered a way of circumventing Ryanair baggage re­- strictions. A YouTube video, shot from an onlooker's mobile phone two weeks ago, shows the four women putting on all of their holiday clothes after being told their handheld luggage was too big for the cabin.

The footage shows the four women opening their luggage and putting on their holiday clothes layer by layer.

A crowd of Irishmen, in­cluding a football team waiting in the check-in queue, cheer the women on with cat-calls while shouting "get them on, get them on".

The women, all wearing maxi dresses, continue to put on more items of clothing in front of watching Ryanair staff. Eventually each woman is wearing four sets of clothes.

The crowd explodes into cheers when the first of the four women manages to fit her luggage into the rack.

The women, laden down in layers, are at last allowed to board the plane, but not before bowing to the appreciative audience. One onlooker remarks "only the Irish", while other men give their own form of help by offering to wear some of the women's clothes on the plane.

Ryanair's Stephen McNamara said there is no problem with removing items from luggage and putting them on rather than having to fork out the €35 to check in a bag prior to boarding the flight.

"Passengers may remove items from their hand luggage to ensure that it fits into the bag sizer, but must ensure that they have only one piece of hand luggage."