A brush with disaster or art with a capital F?

Is this the world's worst art exhibition? Visitors to Birmingham's Ikon Gallery seem to think so. The conceptual piece by artist Susan Collis features a brush lying against a wall and bits of wood thrown around the floor. Entitled 'Since I Fell For You', Collis explained the exhibition by saying, "Often a work that looks very careless, as if it hasn't taken any time to make, like a random mark, ends up being something that takes a long time to produce." Visitors to the gallery say they feel "cheated" with one art enthusiast describing it as "ridiculous."

Dam but those beavers know how to get noticed

Canadian beavers have built the world's largest dam which can be seen from space. More than half a mile long, it's twice the size of the Hoover dam. Several beaver families co-operated in the build, which took months and contains thousands of trees.

Under-16s Aussie team are abreast of the situation

An Under-16s Aussie Rules team in Melbourne has been chastised for securing a sponsorship deal with a local branch of Hooters, the restaurant chain that requires its female staff to have large breasts and wear a skimpy uniform. The Broadbeach Cats are not revising their decision to seal the deal.

Police produce noose for moose on loose

A loose moose gives police a chase in Lublin in Poland. It was later captured and released in a forest.