Sean Quinn

We are not Ireland. We don't sacrifice ourselves for the rich

Greek protestors chanting during demonstrations over the financial crisis which led to riots and the death of three people last week

It will be hearing from me

Transport Minister Noel Dempsey on CIE after it emerged Dublin's underground DART system will be delayed for three years, a development he had not been informed about

I guess a lot of people would probably feel robbed for losing a dad so soon. But I speak on behalf of myself, my brothers and my sisters when I say we were honoured to be part of the Gerry Ryan Show for as long as we were

Lottie Ryan speaking at the funeral of her father on Thursday

He was yours. You were so important to him and over these days it is so beautiful to see how important he was to you

Morah Ryan addresses the funeral congregation in Clontarf, Dublin

They now live in fear, always looking over their shoulder, terrified of what will happen to them

The father of murdered man Roy Collins speaking about his other children after 24-year-old James Dillon received a life sentence for the killing

The first wave of flights are cancelled

A Ryanair spokesman confirms the worst for passengers after a new wave of volcanic ash from Iceland grounds more Irish planes

This has obviously been a disappointing result for the Liberal Democrats. We simply haven't achieved what we had hoped

Liberal Democrats leader Nick Clegg admits that 'Cleggmania' did not convert into Westminster seats in the UK

This is a decisive rejection of Labour. We can govern with this result. I believe it is already clear that the Labour government has lost its mandate to govern our country

Conservative leader David Cameron claims victory on election night

At the moment, we are in the hands of three ratings agencies Standard & Poor's, Moody's and Fitch. These are the three private companies that have the power, through their ratings, to decide the future and the fortunes of national economies

Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny on the latest global economic scare

We should not necessarily make a hero of the man, because in many ways he has been a menace as regards what has happened in this country

Senator Shane Ross on the news that Sean Quinn and his wife Patricia had resigned from the board of Quinn Insurance