MIchael Douglas

Michaela was a wonderful lovely wee girl who grew into a beautiful lady. Just radiant. She is just so special. She will always be special to me and this family. We will miss her so much but we love her to bits and her spirit is with us still

Mickey Harte talks about his daughter Michaela after she was murdered in Mauritius

I feel good, relieved. The tumour is gone

Actor Michael Douglas says he hopes he's on the way to recovery from throat cancer

How are you feeling? We're feeling a bit sick

Text message sent by Miriam Reidy from her room in the Trident Hotel, Kinsale, hours before she died of carbon monoxide poisoning

Thank u so much for your kind and beautiful messgs!!! we re so happy and excited!!!!! x vb

Victoria Beckham acknowledges good wishes for her pregnancy

We are not Sherlock Holmes

Green leader John Gormley says the Taoiseach should have made public his meetings with Sean FitzPatrick, but had found no evidence of impropriety

I deeply respect our Irish friends' independence. But they cannot continue to say 'come and help us' while keeping a tax on company profits that is half [that of other countries]

French President Nicolas Sarkozy tightens the financial screw on Ireland

It was a social outing in full public view. There was nothing untoward, no hidden or secret agenda and no concessions, favours or interventions requested or granted. Certain people are drawing inferences for political and other motives. They are malicious, unfounded and have no basis in fact

Brian Cowen denies any impropriety while playing golf with Anglo's Sean FitzPatrick and Fintan Drury