Party's over: Chris Andrews' constituency office

Carlow/Kilkenny: Currently has three seats but only guaranteed one, probably Bobby Aylward.

Cavan/Monaghan: Again has three but could end up with just Brendan Smith.

Clare: Will being doing well to win one with Timmy Dooley.

Cork East: Little chance of holding two, may end up losing both.

Cork North-Central: Two high-profile TDs Billy Kelleher and Noel O'Flynn could end up splitting the vote between them with both losing out.

Cork North-West: Batt O'Keeffe is gone but Michael Moynihan's (right) stance against Cowen should help him hold one seat for the party.

Cork South-Central: Cork loves a rebel so Micheál Martin should be okay but Michael McGrath is up against it to hold on.

Cork South-West: Again, two-candidate strategy could leave it with no seats.

Donegal North-East: There must surely be one seat here – Niall Blaney – but again there are risks with the two-candidate approach.

Donegal South-West: Same as Donegal North-East.

Dublin Central: Mary Fitzpatrick polled well here in the locals but with two candidates, it's going to be very difficult to take one seat in Bertie Ahern's old constituency.

Dublin Mid-West: John Curran's vote can drop a lot and he can hang on, but based on the current polls it may be touch-and-go.

Dublin North: Again two strong TDs leaves the party open to the risk of falling between two stools.

Dublin North-Central: Only one candidate but hard to see Sean Haughey surviving.

Dublin North-East: Without Michael Woods on the ticket, out of reach.

Dublin North-West: If both Noel Ahern and Pat Carey are on the ticket, neither could be elected.

Dublin South: With Shane Ross in the race, Fine Gael guaranteed two seats and Labour targeting a second, Maria Corrigan could well be squeezed here.

Dublin South Central: The fact there is only one candidate should help Michael Mulcahy's chances but it's not guaranteed.

Dublin South-East: This is a most unforgiving constituency and it will take a miracle for Chris Andrews to hang on.

Dublin South-West: Charlie O'Connor and Conor Lenihan could split the diminished vote right down the middle. Far from one definite seat.

Dublin West: In Brian Lenihan, probably the safest (or least unsafe) seat Fianna Fáil has in Dublin.

Dun Laoghaire: Why didn't either Mary Hanafin or Barry Andrews move to adjoining Dublin South? Both ministers could get half a quota and miss out.

Galway East: Should be one seat here but only one and it's not certain.

Galway West: Three candidates but may be only one seat in Éamon Ó Cuív.

Kerry North/Limerick West: Labour's Arthur Spring will be gunning for Tom McEllistrim and with Martin Ferris also looking strong, Fianna Fáil will surely miss out here.

Kerry South: The decision of former running mate Tom Fleming to go as an independent is a huge blow to John O'Donoghue's chances. Fianna Fáil could end up with no seat in Kerry.

Kildare North: In this commuter belt, two TD candidates into one seat does not go.

Kildare South: Similar to Kildare North, two TD candidates may end up splitting the vote with neither getting through. Sean O Fearghail may just hold on.

Laois/Offaly: Brian Cowen will get re-elected but he may not take a running mate.

Limerick: Once one of the strongest Fianna Fáil constituencies, there should be one seat here but again the two-candidate strategy carries a real risk.

Limerick City: Willie O'Dea is a banker but he won't bring Peter Power with him.

Longford/Westmeath: Three candidates but at most one seat and that is far from guaranteed.

Louth: Séamus Kirk is automatically returned but it's difficult to see Fianna Fáil taking another seat.

Mayo: Dara Calleary should make it home but it might be tight. One seat is the absolute tops.

Meath East: Commuter belt territory so it's going to be an uphill struggle and the presence of two candidates makes it even more awkward for Thomas Byrne. If Fianna Fáil draw a blank here, then it's carnage nationally.

Meath West: Despite the retirement of a sitting TD (Noel Dempsey), the party has gone for two candidates and may pay the price.

Roscommon/South Leitrim: No Michael Finneran and perhaps no seat.

Sligo/North Leitrim: One seat at best but maybe not even that.

Tipperary North: The suspicion lingers that geographically Michael Smith junior would have been a better candidate than Maire Hoctor, who may come up short.

Tipperary South: Mattie McGrath should take a seat here as an independent Fianna Fáil candidate.

Waterford: Had two but under huge pressure to hold even one.

Wexford: Will take one seat here but will be up against it to hold two.

Wicklow: Not even guaranteed one seat here but councillor Pat Fitzgerald's Arklow base may just see him home instead of minister Dick Roche.

MINIMUM: 11 seats;

MAXIMUM: 20 seats (Based on a 14% first preference total)