GARDAÍ are appealing for help in tracing the parents of a small boy found wandering alone in a west Dublin suburb last Friday.

The child is believed to be between one and two years of age and is in good health.

Gardaí say they are ex­tremely concerned for the wellbeing of the boy's parents given that nobody has come forward or reported him missing.

In the meantime he is being kept in care.

The boy was found by a member of the public outside the Thornfield Square apartments on Watery Lane in Clondalkin, Dublin at around 10 o'clock on Friday morning.

He has been described as having fair skin and curly hair and when he was discovered he was wearing only a white shirt and no nappy.

He has not said anything that could help gardaí trace his parents.

However, despite being separated it is understood the boy is in good physical health and is not distressed. While it is believed he is Irish, this has not been confirmed.

"He was found by a member of the public wearing a white shirt and nothing else – no nappy," said a garda source.

"We are concerned that his parent, parents or guardian are either dead or [for some reason] not aware he is missing."

Gardaí said a picture of the boy may be released if there are no significant developments in the next 24 hours.

The garda press office yesterday issued a statement with a description of the young child and an appeal for information in the hope that either a member of his family or the public would come forward with information on his identity.

"We are appealing for information from anyone, particularly the parents or guardians of the child, to contact them at Clondalkin garda station on 01 666 7600."