The Diary can reveal that RTÉ's new pronunciation service, which offers presenters an online crash course in the correct way to pronounce words, fails to list one word... 'pronunciation'.

However, I'm told that radio and TV staff are delighted with the new service which aims to prevent embarrassing
on-air gaffes.

Two presenters who have praised the service, which can't as yet be accessed outside RTÉ, are newsreaders Bryan Dobson and Anne Doyle. We all have blind spots and Bryan admits his is the word 'nuclear'. "I have particular bother saying that word. But there are some times when it can't be avoided. I have correspondence from people saying 'will you please pronounce it properly'. It's one I do get tackled about," he said

Anne Doyle says the online guide will take the heat off stressed-out newsreaders.

"I think it's a wonderful idea. It will make our lives a great deal easier. It will be a great help to us. We still won't get everything right but we will have more accuracy."