SELF-professed clairvoyant Joe Coleman faces a potential Revenue probe on foot of allegations that he receives 'donations' of up to €60 in return for faith healing.

Coleman came to national prominence last week when thousands of people descended on Knock, Co Mayo, following his predictions that the Virgin Mary would appear.

On a recent edition of Liveline on RTE radio, Coleman strongly denied reports that he received payment for healing services he offers in the Dublin suburb of Ballyfermot.

"I am not making any money out of this; I never have made money out of this," he said. However, he did admit accepting 'donations' from people who chose to make them.

A spokeswoman for the Revenue Commissioners said it would not, as a matter of policy, comment on any individual case or investigation.

"I cannot comment on Revenue's approach to individual cases or on specific examples," a statement said. "However, I can confirm that monitoring the media is a normal part of Revenue work and follow-up action is taken if and where appropriate."

Coleman told a newspaper last week: "I am a humble man but it is most important people know I don't have money and I am not doing this for money."

However, any form of payment for services, whether a 'donation' or not, will attract the interest of the Revenue.

On the internet forum, users sought information on whether Coleman was still operating and how much it cost to see him. One response noted: "He charges €60 for a reading or healing . You get at least an hour."