DUBLIN city councillors have been asked to share with gardaí any information they may have on a "deadly, murderous" attack on a council staff member's home.

The demand was made by Labour councillor Eric Byrne after a debate on an arson attack which was possibly linked to ongoing controversy about practices in the housing allocations department of the city council.

Last July there were two arson attacks on the home of a senior member of staff. The executive in question was recently linked to an investigation into the misallocation of housing in the council, although she wasn't the focus of the investigation.

Neither is there any evidence of a link between that and the attack on her home.

Reacting to the news at last week's council meeting, Byrne suggested that anybody with any information that might link her professional position with the arson cooperate with the ongoing investigation.

"This vicious attack which resulted initially in an arson attack on both of her cars in her driveway was followed through, the next day or a day after, with a more deadly, murderous attempt on the senior member of staff's home," said Byrne. "I think it's worth noting that none of us can know whether these attacks were in any way work-related."

Referring to reports about investigations and claims surrounding city council housing allocations, Byrne asked that the city manager "fully investigate the activities and the constant media reports in the Sunday Tribune on a drip-feed basis, which seems to have a lot of information about what was being alleged and what was reputedly carried out in this lady's office".