Alex Paterson, The Orb

Vocals: Louis Armstrong, Harry Nilsson and Sister Sledge

Louis Armstrong has the best voice in the world, Harry Nilsson writes the best songs and Sister Sledge do the best harmonies. I love disco, I love Harry Nilsson and I love Louis Armstrong and that's good enough for me.

Guitar: Jimi Hendrix

Everybody I know used to like Jimi Hendrix and I never really did because I didn't really like guitars; I'm really a bass man. It's only in the last five years that it's become apparent to me how supreme a guitarist he really was compared to, dare I say it, people like Eric Clapton or Keith Richards or Jimmy Page. They're very good but they all look up to him so it's clear he's a master.

Drums and Bass: Sly and Robbie

Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare are one of the most prolific teams working in reggae. They're supreme beings. I guarantee if you pick up a dub album you'll see one of them on the back, if not both. They've given me the most inspirational time of my life, reggae-wise.

Keyboard: Brian Eno

I suppose my band wouldn't be politically correct if it didn't have a little bit of ambience going on in there. Brian Eno would be the keyboard player but he would also be the producer.

DJ: Mix Master Mike

He's the DJ with the Beastie Boys. I come from the DJ school of the music world, and I wouldn't be seen dead without having a DJ on stage in my band. He could put in added rhythms, beats and they can have little two-minute breaks in between tunes, maybe have Sister Sledge doing a bit of disco, that'd be quite cool.