The pure, raw evil described in the Institutional Abuse Report demonstrates the sad reality of the myth of the Island of Saints and Scholars. We have been taken in, treated with disdain and left feeling powerless and angry.

We are a nation famous for our commemoration of poignant historical events and displaying empathy with those who suffer worldwide. We honour heroes recognising their achievements by awarding freedom of cities, honorary doctorates and presidential recognition.

The least we can do now is organise a national day of mourning for the horrendous loss of life and spirit, physical and emotional, of the thousands of victims of this abuse.

Each of those heroic figures who have campaigned and tirelessly sought justice must be given the highest possible honours of recognition by the state and uppermost educational institutions. Along with a national memorial, these measures would go some way towards acknowledgment.

Justice, too, needs to be seen to be done and we must never forget.

Gerry Hickey,

Adelaide Road, Dublin 2.