In 2007 the respected news service Associated Press reported the results of a survey by three insurance companies (Church Mutual; Guide One Insurance; Brotherhood Mutual) for the mainstream Protestant denominations.
The results showed that on average 260 minors were sexually abused by Protestant clergy every year. The comparable figure for the Catholic church is 228. Still 228 too many, but interesting in view of the liberal media hysteria of the last few years.
These figures are testament to the sinister agenda-driven campaign of the Irish media in relation to the Catholic church. It is also significant that the figures for church-related abuse pale into insignificance when compared with Prof Carol Shakeshaft's study of the scale of teacher abuse in the US state school system.
The really interesting aspect is that these reports were ignored by the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and virtually all the Irish media. I wonder why?
Eric Conway,
Balreask Village,
Navan, Co Meath