What's that coming over the hill, is it a monster?

You know it's summer when the monster stories surface. This time, a strange creature was pulled from a lake in Kitchenuhmaykoosib in Canada by a local dog, Sam. The creature's tail is approximately a foot long and rat-like in shape. The rest of the animal has thick brown hair, although not on its face which is bald and features large curved teeth and translucent eyes. Hikers who found the creature after it was pulled from the lake by the dog took photos and posted them on a local community website.

Sex shop's special brand of Pope Benedict condoms

A sex shop in Amsterdam is giving away 2,000 'Pope condoms' this weekend in order to highlight the Vatican's opposition to contraceptives. The condom wrappers feature a picture of Pope Benedict with the slogan – 'I said no! We say yes!'

Finally, Costner's Waterworld serves a purpose

The unlikely hero in clearing up the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is Kevin Costner. He began paying scientists to research oil clean-up technology during his flop film 'Waterworld', and that technology 'Ocean Therapy' which removes 97% of oil in water, has just been approved by BP.

Feel the rhythm of the street

A dance project in New York this week captured professional dancers being photographed in everyday circumstances.