Your front-page article in last Sunday's paper, headlined "TDs in plan for tunnel to save 100-yard street walk", was misleading. You stated that the Oireachtas could not explain why it might be necessary to build a tunnel.

We did. In fact, on 29 April the Houses of the Oireachtas issued a press release explaining why it was necessary to create this tunnel connection. We provided further written explanation to your journalist last week and then spoke to your journalist, again providing the explanation he claimed was never forthcoming.

For clarity let's do it one more time: Agriculture House will become part of the Leinster House office complex; this will provide substantial savings as privately rented offices will no longer be needed; the tunnel is so that there is universal access (disability access) available throughout our national parliament.

Funnily enough, your reporter also omitted to say that much of the new space will be dedicated to the media. The idea being that improved media access will lead to better media coverage!

Mark Mulqueen,

Head of Communications,

Houses of the Oireachtas,

Dublin 2