Berry: claimed self-defence

A man accused of killing an up-and-coming US rapper has been cleared by a Los Angeles jury.

Aubrey Louis Berry (24), was accused of shooting 21-year-old rapper Dolla in the head at a crowded shopping centre in May 2009.

Prosecutors claimed he had asked a valet to bring his car while he was still holding the gun.

But defence lawyers argued that Berry had feared for his life and pulled the trigger in self-defence.

Dolla, whose real name was Roderick Anthony Burton, had been in Los Angeles to record his debut album.

The rapper caught the attention of singer and producer Akon at the age of 12 as he performed with friends in Atlanta.

The two collaborated on Dolla's first single, which also featured rapper T-Pain.

Another single, Feelin' Myself, was on the soundtrack of 2006 dance film Step Up.