Fewer than one in three public sector workers believes industrial action against the pay cuts is justified, according to a new survey of Irish workers.

Almost half – 46% – feel that action is not justified and another 24% are unsure, according to the survey by consultants Hay.

Last week two of the three teachers unions – the ASTI, which represents 18,000 secondary teachers, and the TUI which represents 8,000 technical teachers – voted against the Croke Park deal by 62% and 75%, respectively.

The third union, the INTO, which represents 32,000 primary school teachers, backed the deal by 65%.

While the votes were seen as a blow for the Croke Park deal, the ASTI and the TUI's rejection were expected. The two unions have traditionally opposed national agreements.

The INTO's vote in favour means that, overall, teachers voted marginally in favour (55%) of the deal.

But in terms of voting strength at the ICTU public services committee which will decide the fate of the Croke Park deal next month, the three teacher unions will cast 341 votes against and 314 for the deal.