Mountcharles shows Liam Gallagher of Oasis around Slane

Jack Daniels had better watch out. There's a new rock 'n' roll whiskey on the way, courtesy of Irish aristocrat Lord Henry Mount­charles.

Soon American drinkers will be able to get their hands on a new tipple called Slane Castle Irish Whiskey after a company of the same name was registered in Ireland last month, with castle owner Henry Mount­charles named as one of its directors.

Mountcharles said: "This year is and will continue to be very difficult. Some time ago I came to the conclusion that we really needed to develop another string to our bow. The target for launch is this summer but I can't really give away too much yet because we haven't got an absolute launch date."

Sources say it was Mountcharles himself who came up with the idea for the new whiskey, which as well being steeped in the history of his family's home since 1701 , also has the added attraction of appealing to younger drinkers worldwide familiar with Slane as a venue for rock concerts by acts from U2 to The Rolling Stones.

The Meath landowner says he had immediate interest in his new whiskey from America.

"One of the key things was getting a US distributor on board which happened reasonably early on. So they were intimately involved in the evolution of the product."

However, like any new product for the US, the whiskey had to go through various tests with the country's Food Safety and Inspection Service before it could go on sale.

"There were various hoops you have to go through launching in the US but we've got through all these officialdom scenarios and we're ready to go," said Mountcharles.

Slane Castle Irish Whiskey is the only latest money-making venture from the owner of Slane Castle. As well as being open for weddings and corporate events, Mountcharles revealed plans last year to develop a luxury hotel and leisure resort on the 1,500-acre grounds of the Co Meath castle to compete with the likes of Adare Manor and Ashford Castle.

However, it is Slane's continuing popularity as a venue for massive rock concerts which remains the estate's biggest money-earner, with Manchester band Oasis due to play at the natural amphitheatre on 20 June.