Morah, Rex and Lottie Ryan at the funeral last May

THERE will be no criminal in­vestigation to determine who supplied Gerry Ryan with cocaine on the night of his death despite a massive probe into the death of model Katy French from cocaine toxicity in 2007.

While speculation abounded this weekend as to the identity of the person who supplied the broadcaster with cocaine, no one is under investigation.

A source has confirmed that there is no criminal investigation to try and establish where Ryan sourced cocaine. The reason for this is that, unlike in the case of Katy French, it was not immediately obvious that the broadcaster had drugs in his system. This did not come apparent until the results of toxicology screen were returned to gardaí, some weeks after his death. "It was not apparent to gardaí who arrived at the scene that Gerry Ryan had taken any illegal drugs. There was no evidence of drug-taking or paraphernalia. This was not the case with Katy French and a criminal investigation was launched immediately into her death," said a source. "There is no criminal investigation into Gerry Ryan's death. If there was, the inquest would have had to be adjourned and would not have proceeded."

The investigation into Katy French's death was extensive and up to 20 officers worked for several months to establish the model's last movements. Some branded the massive probe, which included input from the National Drugs Unit, as "appalling and disproportionate". One man has already been convicted of supplying her with cocaine while two other people have been charged.

Grainne Kenny, of Europe Against Drugs, said gardaí should now be compelled to launch an investigation into the broadcaster's death. "The gardaí should definitely launch an investigation. They did investigate Katy French's death. We have to ask more questions about who is supplying people with drugs." Kenny added she wasn't surprised that Ryan's colleagues had "closed ranks" and weren't commenting since his inquest on Friday. "They are his friends and have they have closed ranks. Gerry was in the media. His media colleagues should take a stand on this issue, which includes RTÉ. I do believe that is what Gerry would want."