TWO ASIAN men arrested for their role in the human trafficking of two Latvian women are part of a gang that are heavily involved in the sham marriage and human trafficking industry in Ireland.

The men, a 23-year-old from India and a 32-year-old Pakistani man, were arrested after the women managed to raise the alarm last Saturday.

It is understood the Indian national is considered by gardaí to be a "serious player" in the organised sham marriage industry in Ireland and has been involved in the past with luring eastern European women to Ireland under false pretences.

This individual is considered an organised criminal and a senior member of an Asian gang based in Ireland. Both men have been released without charge and a file is being prepared for the DPP.

Last Saturday, two Latvian women, who were being held against their will in a flat in Dublin as part of a human trafficking ring, were freed following a raid on an apartment on Saturday afternoon. Gardaí freed the two women, aged 19 and 25 years, from a bedroom in Palmerstown, west Dublin.