A technology company is lobbying Enterprise Ireland to create a countrywide online server and database of school text books which would see the end to schoolbags, and maybe even classroom slacking.

Storming Force Technology, based in Blackrock in Co Dublin, said it has pioneered the latest "digital satchel" idea which would revolutionise schools across Ireland.

Using a piece of software called Motion, a server would be set up in the Department of Education and each school would install the program.

Pupils would then be given their own account, where they could file homework, read text books online and complete exercises set in the class.

According to a spokeswoman for the company, the system would be simple to use and would be "no more difficult than uploading a photo to Facebook".

"The software can be easily installed – it only takes two minutes on each computer. No additional or expensive software or hardware is required. Using it would be simpler than Facebook and it has a huge number of advantages."

The company claimed its new technology was better than that of a similar pilot scheme being currently run by a Dublin school.