DUBLIN City Council is preparing to spend €1m on its annual Hallowe'en clean-up of bonfires over the coming week.

A spokeswoman for the council confirmed that the figure would be approximately €1m and said it covered the costs of the fire service, waste management and civil defence personnel.

Dublin City Council is one of the few councils across the country to have an allocated spend for the Hallowe'en clean-up. Councillor John Gallagher has urged Dublin residents to "save themselves money" by not encouraging bonfires and parties.

"It will save people money in the end if they cooperate because what it costs the council to clean up will eventually come from the taxpayer's pocket."

He said that the council was aiming to keep the spend to a minimum this year.

"We're hoping that we don't have to spend that full amount in the end and that through advertising and campaigning instead we can encourage people not to support and encourage bonfires and the mess they make."

Gallagher said that Dublin was one of the worst counties in the country for the festive mess left afterwards but has defended the €1m figure.

"We have one of the highest budgets for the clean-up in the country and it is true that we are one of the worst and that needs to be addressed. The council has to spend what is necessary to clean up.