Michael Clifford is to be complimented on his article on the death of Michael Dwyer in Bolivia (Sunday Tribune, 12 July 2009)

I think it's disgraceful the way Shell to Sea have dragged up the death of young lad Michael Dwyer in Bolivia for their own ends.

This poor lad worked briefly on security duty at Corrib Gas site for a few months. Not many remember him, even if at all. He was basically working here on a student basis, as security can be transient job. Yet Shell to Sea has made the most of this – as if the overthrow of Bolivia was hatched in Mayo! Dwyer also worked as security in a pub in Galway – has the same attention been given to that pub?

If Shell to Sea had any decency they would leave this matter alone, but they have not, and use it for their own ends. They have even gloated over dead gardaí here. What about his family living in Tipperary?

Where has common decency gone to?

Brendan Cafferty,