Your correspondent, John McColgan (Post, 19 July) obviously has little sense of balance in his thinking – unlike Miriam O'Callaghan. In her first TV programme of the current series, she had new Fine Gael TD George Lee as her main guest, having said publicly that he was a friend and she had often asked him for advice when conducting interviews on financial matters in the past.

I don't remember seeing a letter from McColgan complaining about the national broadcaster's decision to have a Fine Gael man featured.

But he was quick to complain of Ms O'Callaghan's "change from a good journalist into a Fianna Fáil spindoctor".

McColgan's sop to the bereaved Limerick family of Roy Collins in saying that "while I have every sympathy for Steve Collins and the awful tragedy that is Limerick at the moment" is followed by an inevitable "cut" at "extreme right-winger" justice minister Dermot Ahern and "self-promoting" crime journalist Paul Williams.

It is clear your letter writer is fond of putting labels on people, but he obviously has his own agenda.

Nicola Stapleton


Dublin 16