Camembert Quartet: house band

New Late Late Show host Ryan Tubridy has been told his Tubridy Tonight house band will have to drop their name when they join him on the flagship RTE1 chat show in September.

Station bosses have agreed to Tubridy's wish that the Camembert Quartet move with him from his Saturday night show but have insisted the group drop their name.

Led by writer and Liveline regular Clint Valour (aka Paddy Cullivan), The Camembert Quartet had a starring role in five series of Tubridy Tonight. However, from September they will simply be known as the house band on the Late Late Show.

"One of the innovations in the forthcoming season of the Late Late Show will be a live band," an RTE source told the Sunday Tribune. "People will recognise them immediately as the five members of The Camembert Quartet but they won't be appearing under that name. This is because the message we are sending out is that this is going to be the Late Late Show, not Tubridy Tonight on a Friday."

The move will bring to an end RTE's bizarre practice of hiring session musicians on the Late Late Show to mime behind guest performers.

"It make sense to have a backing band available on the Late Late Show if a guest wants to perform but also to warm up the audience before the show. We hope it will add to the atmosphere," the RTE source added.

Tubridy said he was in agreement with the band name change. "If I can bring some features that are different to the Late Late Show, terrific", he said. "But it will be the Late Late and not Tubridy Tonight under another name. It's the Late Late Show with a new presenter. It's a different level really, a totally different ball game, and I'm ready to play."

Tubridy said he was very happy with his new team for the show which includes executive producer Jim Jennings and producer Michael Kiely. Among those joining them will be four researchers moving over from Tubridy Tonight.

But Tubridy dismissed suggestions he was parachuting his team in to replace Late Late Show staff previously loyal to Pat Kenny.

"There are representatives of both shows, so it's a mix of the two. The team we have are agreeable, smart and experienced. I think they will make the Late Late the kind of programme I want to appear on."