Dr Sonja Tiernan (Post, 12 July)?describes my previous letter on civil partnership as a disgrace. I wonder how the doctor would describe half-dressed homosexuals parading through the streets of our capital city, boasting of their sexual orientation? Would the doctor describe it as offensive, or would the doctor join them? The civil partnership bill is a disgrace, as is anyone who had an input into it. I am sure the Green Party had a big role in it, but the Greens do not worry me, for just like the PDs who were pushing the same agenda, they too will soon be wiped out. The one-time largest political party Fianna Fáil will also suffer the same fate, as they have been slowly but surely losing members since Máire Geoghegan-Quinn decriminalised homosexuality against the will of the Irish people and without a Dáil debate. So this time, doctor, you take your medicine.

Noel Gorman

Carrick Road,


Co Offaly