Niall Kelly: still campaigning

A neo-Nazi website has published photographs of a Belfast councillor and accused him and others who supported Romanian victims of racist attacks of being "Fenian reds" determined to destroy loyalist areas.

SDLP councillor Niall Kelly (25) says he won't be intimidated by the 'Redwatch' website which he described as "extremely sinister". Some who have featured on the site have later received death threats or been the victims of violent attack. Last month, over 100 Romanians left Belfast following attacks on their homes. Redwatch accused Kelly and others supporting them of being "Fenian reds causing trouble in south Belfast, attempting to win support for gypsy parasites turning the Protestant Village area into a slum".

The eight photographs included the SDLP councillor at protests supporting the Romanians, at a gay rights' demonstration, with John Hume and at internal SDLP events. Kelly said: "I have reported Redwatch to the police who have said that their E (electronic) crime unit is monitoring the website. This organisation is engaged in high-tech fascism.

"Even BNP leader Nick Griffin has denounced those behind the site which shows what lunatics they are. Redwatch's activities are disturbing but not for one second would I consider letting such intimidation stop me from continuing to campaign against racism and helping those who have been the victim of racist attacks."

Redwatch has published the names and addresses of other anti-racist activists. Other pictures are of Ogra Sinn Féin members and pro-Palestinian protestors in Belfast, and anti-racist, anti-Iraq war, and Shell to Sea demonstrators in Dublin, including members of Labour Youth. Pictures of those demonstrating in the Republic in favour of a woman's right to choose on abortion are also printed. There are two pictures of a woman in Limerick whom Redwatch claimed tore down racist posters. Above the pictures, it announces: "Any further info on the freaks below will be gratefully received."

Bizarrely, one of the photographs of anti-racist demonstrators is of UDA leader Jackie McDonald at a recent protest outside City Hall. The website's slogan is "Remember places, traitors' faces ? they'll all pay for their crimes".