We understand the fear – it's perfectly natural – but this kind of response isn't helpful

Lisa Cuthbert, director of Priorswood House in Dublin, where convicted rapist Larry Murphy was rumoured to have spent his first night of freedom and which attracted a large number of protestors

As is the case with all sex offenders, a plan is put in place to manage them on their release. The plan is working

A garda source responds to concerns regarding the monitoring of Murphy's movements

It is intolerable that a convicted rapist such as Larry Murphy can be released having served only 10 years of a 15-year prison sentence for the savage rape and attempted murder of a woman. Remission is tied into the process of rehabilitation, but in this case all and any attempts at rehabilitation were dismissed. It is impossible to understand why automatic remission should apply in cases such as this

Fine Gael TD Charlie Flanagan on Larry Murphy's early release

It's not a serious problem, but with shellfish-type food poisoning it can have a greater impact, so everything is just a precaution

FAI team doctor Alan Byrne on Ireland manager Giovanni Trapattoni's illness, which later turned out not to be food poisoning at all

I spoke to Giovanni one hour before the game and he was very active. Like a lion, he was very strong

Ireland assistant coach Marco Tardelli

They were egregious, in a league of their own. If it hadn't been for them the losses would have been manageable. The net cost to the Irish state of recapitalising the banks is €25bn, or 15pc to 16pc of Irish GDP. It is nearly all the result of Anglo Irish

Patrick Honohan, the Governor of the Central Bank, on the Anglo bailout

We have a huge task in front of us. If we don't act fast enough, many more people could die of diseases and food shortages

John Holmes, UN under secretary general for humanitarian affairs, on the floods in Pakistan

I have felt that a lot of women are angry...I'm beginning to wonder is there a holy spirit and did it put the idea into my head

Cork woman Jennifer Sleeman who is organising a boycott Sunday mass

His eyes were a little odd. I told him he was full of something. I don't appreciate somebody lying about what I say

US Ryder Cup captain Corey Pavin referring to his public bust-up with Golf Channel reporter Jim Gray over who said what about an under-performing Tiger Wood's chances of getting on the team